Kimberly Wyatt Kimberly Wyatt has hinted that she is set to join Ashley Banjo on his new talent show, 'Dance Dance Dance'.Kimberly Wyatt is set to join Ashley Banjo on 'Dance Dance Dance'.

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A source previously said: "Ashley will make a fantastic judge because he knows dancing and is also cool."The show's reputation has suffered from people constantly comparing it to 'Strictly Come Dancing' and producers want to distance themselves from that.

"Ashley will bring a new young audience in - mainly the millions that have seen him on 'Britain's Got Talent'."Bosses of the show - which has had millions spent on it - are on the hunt for another two judges.

The programme will see celebrities team up with their partner, a friend or a relative as they perform an iconic dance.

Ashley certainly has experience when it comes to judging on a talent show as he previously sat on the panel alongside Kimberly, Adam Garcia and Aston Merrygold on 'Got to Dance'.

The star shot to fame in 2009 when he auditioned and won 'Britain's Got Talent' with his dance troupe Diversity and went on to perform for Queen Elizabeth at the Royal Variety Show in December 2009.

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