have more Coach Taylor to swoon over thanks to the Austin-based movie house's tongue-in-cheek homage.

In the clip, Chandler is in the middle of making one of his classic moving pre-game speeches.

Despite the fact that he's Coach freakin' Taylor, the speech is interrupted by an incessant buzzing of cell phones.

%0D %0D She is the strongest beard alive and she has a good ten years or so to go with her almighty run! Might have to go and see if still on You Tube.[quote]I really don't think Jake would have been with Reese Witherspoon for two years if Jake had been gay.%0D %0D Erm, Earth to lunar orbit, Rock Hudson and Elton John were respectively with their wives for nearly 4 YEARS each!

I was thinking about this the other day, then when Travolta jumps in and Kidman has to try get them BOTH out of the closet, then R Kelly ends up in the mix.%0D %0D Funny funny stuff.

PRs are about 30 years out of date (if not more.)[quote]Everyone thinks Jake Gyllenhaal is a closeted homosexual, even my mother (who thought Tom Cruise was straight until South Park)%0D %0D Oh that was fucking hilarious.

Besides, people are aware of bearding practices now.

Name one beard who has ever been able to fake chemistry with her "fella." Most bearded couples have NEGATIVE chemistry.

%0D %0D And yet another massive red flag, whay, after so many People-sanctioned prompts, did Jake never marry this woman or get engaged properly, or commit to Dunst? What is his committment problem when we're always being told he wants to commit and has bought the jewellry and the doilies for the wedding? %0D %0D [quote]Jake is 100% straight, he acted gay to raise the profile of gays, so you gays should be thankful to him.%0D %0D Absolute cretin.

Not worth a dignified respose.%0D %0D [quote]Reese used Jake so she wouldn't look like a pathetic loser, a la, Jennifer Aniston, after Ryan Phillipe cheated on her.%0D %0D Bullshit, that's the PR-version.

%0D %0D [quote]There gets to be a point where actors public drive to hide their sexuality crosses from comical to homophobicly irritating.

Jake has crossed this line.%0D %0D Glad someone else has started to notice instead of constantly defending him.