I live my life the best I can, sometimes I need a change Losing all my marbles wasn`t part of the game Existing day by day tormented by the telephone It`s hard enough to live my life, why don`t you live your own?

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Some people have trouble in the dating scene, not knowing what to say or ask.

Dating has also always been tough to find where to go and who to meet.

Introductions can be awkward or even embarrassing at times. You can find a number of websites flooding the internet.

What was once a crazy notion has seen a boost in popularity.

Even different affiliate dating sites have become huge; owners earn a commission after every successful member sign-up.

Email is an entirely new form of communication, which is less than 20 years old.

This means that the etiquette of emailing people and making introductions electronically may be different than what was once proper.

Online speed dating gives you the time to spell check and compose a brilliant answer to some tough questions.

Email intros differ from traditional introductions you make with dating.