They are more likely than human males to engage in criminal activities.

He was wearing a t-shirt printed with the logo of a rock band and faded jeans.

“I hear you’re paying $300 to participate in a study,” he said.

It’s a lot of money, particularly considering our grant. They have to fit the physical and aesthetic criteria (male, 5’11”-6’2”, 165-195 pounds, unusually attractive). But of course that identification would have to be verified by testing. As far as we know, Beautiful Boys mate and reproduce like human males. ” The pancakes were stacked on a plate, on the kitchen table.

You can see them on Sunday afternoons, in places like Knoxville, Tennessee or Flagstaff, Arizona, playing pool or with their elbows on the bar, drinking a beer before they head out into the dusty sunlight and get into their pickups, onto their motorcycles. Some of their dogs wear bandanas around their necks.

Some of them, before they leave, put a quarter into the jukebox and dance slowly with the waitresses, the pretty one and then the other one. • • • • They look like the models in cigarette ads.

Then they drive or ride down the road, heading over the mountains or through the desert, toward the next town. Lean, muscular, as though they can work with their hands. As though they had just ridden a horse in a cattle drive, or dug a trench with a backhoe. • • • • That night, when she makes love to her boyfriend, who works at the gas station, the other waitress will think of him.

And one of the waitresses, the other one, the brunette who is a little chubby, feels a sharp ache in her chest. • • • • “Beautiful Boys” is a technical as well as a descriptive term. She and her boyfriend have been together since high school.

She will imagine making love to him instead of her boyfriend: the smell of aftershave and cigarettes, the feel of his skin under her hands, smooth and muscled. She will imagine him entering her and cry aloud, and her boyfriend will congratulate himself.

Afterward, she will stare into the darkness and cry silently, until she falls asleep on the damp pillow. They range from 5’11” to 6’2”, between 165 and 195 pounds. They often finish high school, but seldom finish college.