Using Intentional Language To Develop Your Own Flirty Nickname For Skyping: When you are in a long distance relationship communication is crucial.

Despite having video-chat technology, in long distance relationships you have limited in person face-to-face interactions so it is important to understand what your partner is truly saying.

In many ways having inside jokes and special memories establishes a different way for communicating and relating to your partner and you have inevitably developed your own language when talking about these events.

Often times this way of relating takes place without intention; however, you can make this special language intentional.

This unique language that only the two of you understand can make your relationship even more intimate.

There are many ways to utilize intentional language as it provides the framework for communication.

Using intentional language takes the guessing out of communication and tells others exactly what you are thinking and feeling.

With our plethora of communication mediums available today there are many things that can just get lost in transmission; whether it be through text-message, e-mail, phone conversation, or video-chat we are missing a lot of the subtle indicators that we would typically recognize in a in-person conversation.

One way to implement intentional language into your own relationship is to establish your own flirty nickname for having Skype sex.

Having your own flirty nickname for Skype sex will allow both partners to be on the same page and know what to expect.