it relies heavily on other people, time and your current situation.This technique, when done right has a 100% success rate; optimal, if you live on campus at a college/uni, chances drop down as you grow older.

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I was always somehow presentable and not looking like – There is something insanely erotic about the Naked woman/Man in a suit thing. #verification #johndeus #supremacy #tattoo #blog #hot #suit #classy #polishgirl #19teen #instapic #gentlemen #It Is Challenging To Take Pictures With ABoner #sex #tips #selfie A photo posted by John Deus (@johndeus1) on Let her seduce you. Let her feminine energy express itself freely, without judgment and without interception.

Do that and you will be sure as hell it will be a night to remember for the rest of your life.

Let us hope this doesn't also validate instagram community rules.

#germany #frankfurt #seduction #sexy #video #dance #latino #latinogirl #thewayshemoves #pua A video posted by John Deus (@johndeus1) on , won’t have a decent guy approaching them to give them a fun night.

so, their expectations will drop down as minutes go by.

As the night is coming to an end, at those last moments, the image of a lonely, empty and cold room will start to haunt them and them BAAM!! This is not the best, coolest, or most effective way to get laid, it is the easiest.

As you can see it is about doing absolutely nothing, your just waiting for opportunities induced by life’s pressure.

as low value and pathetic this approach seems, and to some extent it is, it is aimed to show you how easy it is to get laid, how you just by being yourself is enough to get laid, you have no excuse.

If you have any issues, something you didn’t understand, or something you just don’t seem to be able to pull off, tell me in the comments or e-mail me: [email protected] and I will help you as much as I can.