And it proved to be costly to elderly victims who were looking for love on popular dating sites, including and, authorities said.

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Romantic Approaches, Then Requests for Cash An 11-count indictment announced last week revealed that Koranteng allegedly preyed on the seniors between September 2012 and February 2014.

As these scams tend to go, after he connected with the victims online, Koranteng allegedly called, emailed and texted to build "romantic relationships with the victims." That led to requests for money to help made-up family members who were supposedly sick, for phony plane trips and to help him with what turned out to be bogus investments.

Ohio authorities got involved after hearing from a victim who had been taken for hundreds of thousands of dollars, the Attorney General's office said.

"The romance scam is a particularly low type of scam,' Ohio Attorney General Mike De Wine said in a statement, "and victims deserve to see perpetrators brought to justice.

Online dating scams can target a person of any age.

The Federal Trade Commission's consumer education specialist, Aditi Jhaveri, recently wrote a blog post titled "Faking it -- scammers' tricks to steal your heart and money," and the focus wasn't on seniors.The FTC even has a special tab on its file-a-complaint assistance page for romance scams.While the heart wants what it wants, the scammer just wants to find a way to take your money.Seniors looking for companionship may be more susceptible to these online dating scams.Jhaveri's warning signs that a love interest might be a fake are when the person asks you to: She recommends that you don't send money to someone you met online for any reason.And, "If your online sweetheart asks for money, you can expect it's a scam." My favorite piece of advice from her post is for people who are online dating to do an image search of the person's photo in an Internet search engine.