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Rolling Stones fans often adopt names that illustrate their allegiance to the band, along with avatars.

Issues of gender and the technological change of software platform also affect types of online self-presentations and their construction.

Fans engage in “role embracement”, merging their individual selves with the role of Stones fans, demonstrated by reactions of friends and family.

Connections between offline and online settings occur, with band affiliation of fans expressed through choice of apparel offline, and usernames from online filtering into the offline interactions among fans.*Names provided in the paper are actual usernames if people gave the researcher permission to use them, or are changed or removed if the respondent preferred an anonymous form of identity. The fans of The Rolling Stones first became visible during their early television appearances and the tours in 1963, ’64 and throughout the 1960’s.

They followed the group known for their resistance to band uniforms and drug laws, their rebellion against the mainstream ironically in conformity with the aspects of the counterculture.

They were often counter-posed to The Beatles, the nice boys, and fans frequently chose between the two super-groups, although some claimed to like both.Over 40 years later, The Stones are touring and recording and many fans are from the ranks of the old-timers who were there from the start.With the Internet available since the later months of 1994, fans found ticket buying easier, if not always fairer.They became consumers and producers of a vast amount of information on the band, and came to know each other online.The purposes of the paper are two-fold, first, to delineate how fan identity may occupy a middle area between “real” and fantasy elements of self-presentation, and second, to gain insight into the mix of offline and online behaviors and attitudes among fans, or to explain how the real and virtual combine.This middle ground of fairly open self-expression colored by the group purpose may characterize a large proportion of discussion groups online that are based upon a common interest.) study of soap opera fans.