ANSWER: It’s hard to find discipline doing something you don’t like. This is a semi-permanent obsession I have that I’ve written about before. I have to practice making my voice sound interesting for radio. Andrzej Danielewicz ‏ adanielewicz why do you use sex reference so much in your posts? ANSWER: Sex is the mosts powerful physical energy out there. My most popular posts are about why not to go to college, why not to own a home, and how to be healthy. Jay Liew ‏ jaysern how do you handle rejection and turn it into a positive? So he stopped and said, “hey, can I have your number? I got rejected probably 500 times on stories, novels, poems, etc that I submitted around.

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Brian Kissel ‏ Kissel B Why are people so afraid of success? We all want to be admired for the things we achieve. I would say success = 1% talent, 20% persistence and preparation, and 70% failure. It’s imprisonment instead of freedom, its people throwing stones and laughing at you instead of people admiring you. As opposed to what you’ve been doing the past twelve years you’ve been in school. When you find the compassion inside of yourself, you will figure out better ways to heal people. ANSWER: Well, there could be more details here I don’tknow. Does he call you and say, “honey, I’m going into space tonight so I can’t make it.” In which case, didn’t he know that a week in advance. Because he’s either dating other people at the same time (but of course he wants you to be exclusive. If he isn’t respectful of your time now and not jumping over fences to see you then how will he be in six months. What about when you have kids and then he runs out on the marriage? SHOULD YOU WORRY ABOUT COPYRIGHT ISSUES ON YOUR BLOGmstmorris okay, what’s the best and easiest way to get cool photos for blog without worrying about copyright, etc. HOW TO DO MEDITATION Robin Heinen ‏ Robin Heinen1986 could you give the readers some advice on how to meditate. Thanks James ANSWER: I’ve been meditating since I was 12 and I can tell you this…it’s bullshit. In other words, it’s mad to think that you can take 30 minutes out of your life and sit there and think about nothing. It helps nobody and it damages my brain.” That’s meditation. If you’re driving in a car and someone is not driving fast enough and you get annoyed? Some people think visualization of pleasant things is meditation. If you can answer all of those, THEN you have an idea. I’ve been rejected a million times over in business. But for every 99 rejections you will have one success that changes your life.

We all want to be able to have the money that brings with it freedom (Whatever that might mean to us) and the occasional luxury. So here’s the problem: The only way to succeed is to fail. And yet that is 70% of success, dealing with failure and getting through to theother side. ANSWER: Yes, you have to go through college (although there are programs out there that combine the BS/MD.) But, if my kids wanted to be doctors here is what I would make them do first: become an intern at a hospital for a year. Second, you will meet with people of all ages and demographics. Most doctors just look up your symptons in an encyclopedia the big pharma companies give them and then they prescribe anti-biotics. You’re supposed to be in that initial dating honeymoon period. Who is dying to see you and kiss you and touch you and give you happiness. What about when he proposes but cancels the wedding? – The most likely thing is that nothing happens and you have great images on your post – The creator of your image can contact you and ask for credit, in which case you give it – The creator of the image can send you a cease and desist. Images and appropriate use of bold, help with that. So two problems right off the bat with traditional methods of meditation – it mentally and emotionally hurts you because you start overthinking, you feel like you’re failing, etc. But I stopped myself and said, “you know, this is not a useful way for me to be thinking right now. Not onlhy are you meditating then but you are achieving the results of meditation. Try to havemore useful thoughts than not-useful thoughts. Components of an idea: – What is the idea – Who can you delegate to do the idea – Why will this idea help people? And the next step after that – How will I make money on this idea? I was walking with a friend of mine who was a pro chessplayer (by pro I mean he made about $50 a day gambling in Washington Square Park). He said, to me, “hold on,” and he veered off in her direction. He could get rejected 10 tiems a day and on the 11 attempt he’d meet the love of his life. So if you aren’t getting rejected enough, you aren’t doing what you love doing.

But getting through that fear is the only way to succeed. Rebecca THE Troll ‏ Nspi_RED I WANT TO BE A DOCTOR, DOES THAT MEAN I HAFTA GO THROUGH SCHOOL?! So take a year to decide if this is what you want to do. In a blog post, as opposed to a book, you want someone’s eyes to dance down the page. Example: have you ever tried to sit in a lotus or half-lotus for 30 minutes? The blood circulation gets cut off from one or both of your legs and when you stop meditating (or during) the pain becomes enormous as the blood flows back in. So annoying that I almost had to stop writing because I was thinking about this email and my potential responses. And it might be a type of meditation if you are really good at sticking with the visualization and not letting your mind drift. So practice moment by moment first, during the day. Bettina Horvath ‏ Bettina Horvath what’s the best way for a person full with tons of ideas daily to monetize them without getting bored by having to stick to 1? Here’s a potential idea: “I can make an elevator that goes into outerspace”. All of the components have to be filled in in order to call it an “idea”. In fact, he got so good at rejection it didn’t matter to him anymore. But I know I’m going to get that as long as I keep doing what I love doing. ANSWER: I’m going to address the actual semantics of your question. I don’t believe there is anybody like that in the universe. We know that the universe was probably created in the “Big Bang”. Not only that, all the things we don’t understand (like where do “thoughts” come from) were probably created then also. Every unit of knowledge or understanding came out of the Big Bang. I try to surrender to that force every day, despite having no way to understand it, comprehend it, even discuss it other than in these vague terms.

Marc ‏ Free Markets Fan Spanx founder is worth $1bn?!?! IF I WANT TO BE A DOCTOR, DON’T I HAVE TO GO TO COLLEGE? You are talking about a decision you have to live with for the next seventy years. When I do a long post I always look for good images that will fit the post. Like, right now, someone just sent me an email that I found really annoying. Think of an idea as a unit that contains several components. And I know for a fact, my friend had been rejected a thousand times. Croix des Chartreux ‏ croixchartreuse is God someone in your life? That sort of means the organized religion way of viewing God as some sort of being external to me that created me. So what I believe is there is some essence, some force, that by definition is beyond my understanding.

Note, we don’t have to think about failure while we are focusing on these positive things. My suggestion first then is: practice during those actual moments. Because time started with the Big Bang, as did information. Most things that are greater than me and perhaps define me.

So try this: – Eliminate all the negative people in your life. Catch yourself being envious and every time you catch yourself repeat, “I am so happy for this person’s success.” Then you will succeed also. For being in the moment when both good and bad things happen in your life. james barrett ‏ denseen Should a married man diversify his relationship portfolio? I once posted this anti-war piece on the most liberal site I could think of, The Elephant Journal. People love shedding blood, killing babies, and sending off American 18 year olds to die and be maimed. Why don’t you guys all enlist instead of telling me about how the US Army is defending “my way of life”. So why take something that is going to reduce confidence and make you depressed. Someone once told me, the universe doesn’t hear negative things. The universe doesn’t hear the word “avoid” so its as if you are repeating over and over, “I want failure”. Ok, you can’t eliminate them but take a break from them. Ask out to lunch people you haven’t seen in years who are good, positive people. When you are envious it puts a wall between you and success. Why now put a wall in front of yourself that you have to climb. The obvious answer is because of our dependence on Middle Eastern oil so we send over 18 year olds to fight and kill civilians. So I commented back, “you know, 40 year olds can also enlist in the Army. Separate yourself out from the pack by really learning what your company does at a very deep level, so when it’s your turn to be a high level executive, you know everything that is going on. Use to keep track of your daily goals and how you can improve. where are all the great 40+ unmarried interesting guys hanging out? Alcohol does two or three things: 1) it’s a depressant. 3) Its linked to all sorts of heart diseases, cancers, strokes. But even more important, sometimes the best way to solve a problem is to look the other way. Then lying, stress, pain, insanity, depression, pain for others, loss of incredible amounts of money and time, and a life that quickly loses its potential. If we start doing that then the US will be the biggest supplier of oil on the planet and the price of gas will go down to a gallon.” So, the natural next question, which he asked, is “environmental concerns? Then everyone, including me, is saying, we are we always at war somewhere in the Middle East? How to do good for yourself To do good on your job: – Help all of your colleagues whenever they need help – Give everyone else credit. Then you become the “source” instead of the guy begging for credit. – Learn everything in your industry – every company, the history of every company, the history of every executive you can, the history of every marketing campaign, every product development, talk to people in every division and learn what they do. – And remember to always continue the daily practice of staying healthy. ANSWER: By your twitter handle I can give you one quick answer: Stop drinking. Particularly if beer is your savior my guess is you are drinking too much of it. You’re smart, so come up with an idea for a product, make it, sell it, fail at it, repeat. ANSWER: The reason he was asking is because earlier he asked about the oil shortage problem and I replied, “we won’t have an oil shortage problem if we accelerate the fracking we are doing in places like Texas, North Dakota, etc. Then everyone is worried about our dependence on Middle Eastern oil? Meanwhile the fracking industry employs 9mm people and will eventually end this oil shortage issue, making it a lot easier for more people to drive to work. My first worry is getting people jobs, and helping people reduce the stress of having their last pennies in the bank. So my advice is twofold: how to do good on your job. Ten a day on how to improve your company, or on new companies you can start. So you meet guys who are already well-trained in taking the blame). We meet in garages and beat the shit out of each other. beerismysavior way to cope with constant failure anxiety / lag? #1 question I get all the time: why haven’t you succeeded yet? Then they are ready to take you to the back of the shed and do things to you you only see on documentaries. Because if you starting trading option spreads you are going to quickly turn into an alcoholic. DO I HAVE ANY ENVIRONMENTAL CONCERNS Main Event ‏ djmainevent environmental concerns? It’s called fracking, which allows us to go back to the wells in Texas that we thought were dry, dig deeper and dig horizontally, and find more oil. But in 60 years nobody has died yet from fracking so I expect it to continue. Fernando Penido ‏ fpenido Do you think the American Economy is in recovery mode? – I also see too many young people focus on the needs of their boss (i.e. They lose their personalities they have spent 23 years or so building up. And I can guarantee every single guy at a tech meetup wants to have sex (or at least a phone number) that night. Tango Classes (in tango class, the men learn quickly it’s their fault when the dance screws up.