The All-New Multi-Gender Girlfriend Construction Set 5 is here.

It was 23 years ago, in 1989, that I wrote the original DOS version of Girlfriend Construction Set, for PC-XT computers with CGA graphics. Now computers have True Color video systems, and we're not limited to 1980s cartoon graphics.

Now Girlfriend Construction Set uses real photos to illustrate the interactive relationship with your virtual date, while retaining the game's classic concept of Interactive Text Adventure.

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Register Girlfriend Construction Set 5 for the low price of only $19.95.

Product registrations currently being sold through BMT Micro are only for Girlfriend Construction Set 5.

Any registration keys purchased for GCS 3.x or GCS 4 will not work with GCS 5. You can also choose one special thing the person really loves, and one thing they really can't stand.

Please make sure the free version of GCS 5 runs well on your computer before buying a Product Registration. You also select the job title that you want your newly designed sweetie to have. ) And each job on the list has an income level associated with it, that will come into play later.

If you are lucky enough to be with a real live sweetheart, go out and have fun, and snuggle by the fire when it gets cold, and enjoy some warm passionate kisses. If you want your sweetie to have a job that's not on the list, you can type in any job title you want, along with the income level that goes with that job. ) Of course, this only applies to partners you construct.

If you don't have a special someone to keep you warm this fall, you can always download Girlfriend Construction Set. When you meet people at a bar, they are what they are.

Girlfriend Construction Set 5, completed on 9-16-2012, has been completely rewritten and reprogrammed from the ground up using Microsoft's . You design a new partner's body by setting measurements, and an on-screen drawing of the body instantly changes as you adjust the size of various body parts.

Net Frameworks technology, providing total compatibility with the latest versions of Windows. The measurements can be displayed in inches and pounds, or if you prefer, in centimeters and kilograms.

Girlfriend Construction Set 5 has been tested extensively, and performs well on Windows XP and all versions Windows 7, including 32 bit and 64 bit editions. The body is instantly rated on a hotness scale from 0 to 10.

Girlfriend Construction Set 5 will run on any version of Windows that is compatible with Microsoft . Keep in mind, if you design a body that is a Total Hottie 10, you will be taking ten points away from personality attributes that you may desperately need your new partner to have.

Net Frameworks 4 or later, including the desktop side of the new Windows 8 operating system. Girlfriend Construction Set 5 comes with 100 faces built-in --- 50 male faces and 50 female faces.