“You people”I know the phrase “you people” to be quite useful to describe a group of folks that share one or more bothersome qualities, like “you people taking up all the space by the subway car door” or “you people who don’t wait till passengers get off the car before boarding” and even “you people who keep sitting on my car.” Annoying people come from all ethnic backgrounds.

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Virginia used to have this on again, off again pattern and then it got all mixed up with Desiree missing the cut. (NT) -- Maryland, 09/19/16 Mon I'd like to know who arranged this photo shown tonight featuring Savannah Shields with her four runners-up in this court of honor photograph? Lovely gals, but you do not put the third and fourth runners-up next to Miss America (or any pageant winner).

-- Virginia has this interesting swapping record but they make it fairly consistently, 09/19/16 Mon And you just repeated exactly what I said has happened in the last FIVE years! If the arranger was not thinking, why wouldn't the photographer notice and re-arrange the women, to say nothing of Alicia Cooper and Laura Lee Lewis?

Are these two get arrogant to say "wait, we should have Miss New York and Miss South Carolina in the middle with Savvy"...?? [ Post a Reply to This Message ]Today I say am interview that talked about Patsy passing away from ovarian cancer. Please ladies look up the symptoms because it is the most deadliest female cancer. (NT) -- No name, 09/20/16 Tue Subject: I just saw the new Miss Arkansas who is now taking over, was just officially crowned.

[ Post a Reply to This Message ] With all of the attention on Jon Benet it made me wonder if anyone remembers Patsy when she competed in Miss America. Do they usually do this or do they wait for Miss America (from their state) to crown them, because I know in GA Betty crowned Adeline K last year several weeks after. She's got a official crowning during Savvy's homecoming in October.

Miss Arkansas already had scheduled appearances, so Savannah is fulfilling that role as Miss Arkansas without the "official crowning." A local news station did kind of a comedic "crowning" with her.

(NT) -- No name, 09/20/16 Tue Here's a way a girl could have competed at state last season and this coming season AND in Sweetheart this year.Susie wins a local in July 2015 and competes at state June 2016.She crowns her local successor July 2016 therefore is no longer under contract with the MAO.As a "free agent" she can compete in Sweetheart Sept 2016.(For that matter she could do USA, International, NAM, USA and other 'like' pageants leading to a national title.) Despite competing in other pageants, she's perfectly eligible to enter an MAO local.If she loses the local, she could do another non-MAO pageant.