The deep dark secrets of Monarch mind control are never truly presented on screen yet they are implied in meanings and symbols throughout the movie. Her “ownership” is then transferred to an institution where the actual programming takes place, under the supervision of specialists (handlers).(Note: If you are not familiar with Monarch programming, I suggest you read the article titled Origins and Techniques of Monarch Mind Control before continuing with this one). The story of Baby Doll is indeed the typical story of real life Monarch slaves, who are often subjected to abuse at a young age.

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At face value, the movie can be perceived as being about the the empowerment of women, but the mind control symbolism of the movie indicates that it is actually about the exact opposite. “The type of father who is most preferred by the Programmers to offer up their children for programming is the phile.

Our hero Baby Doll is looking for “freedom” but, in the end, “freedom” is definitely not what she thought it would be. If a father will abuse his own little baby girl, then the Programmers know that the man has no conscience.

In fact, the entire movie can be understood in two completely opposite ways, making it quite a mind bender. This father’s involvement in criminal activity (and thereby his vulnerability) can be continually increased.

Sucker Punch is an action fantasy thriller that promises its viewers two things: girls and explosions. But behind the slur of short skirts and CGI effects hides a disturbing underlying story: Sucker Punch is about the life of a mind control slave who dissociates from reality to escape the trauma caused by abuse.

This article looks at the hidden meaning and symbolism in Sucker Punch.

describes the quest of a girl attempting to escape a mental hospital where she was forcibly placed.

In order to achieve this goal, our heroine, “Baby Doll”, and her friends, must find five items that will be used to escape the institution.

Most critics did not appreciate the video game-like plot line of and were confused its several levels of alternate realities.

The movie does come across as confusing, because there is one important fact about this movie that is not known to most viewers that makes the movie (slightly more) cohesive and coherent: is about trauma-based mind control. It’s everyone of us who holds the power over the worlds we create.” Like many other parts of the movie, this introduction can refer to guardian angels helping people take charge of their life or to mind control handlers who have the power to manipulate the thoughts of MK slaves.

It tells the story of a victim of Monarch Programming (more specifically Beta or Kitten programming) as she becomes increasingly dissociative. This only one of the several possible double meanings in the movie. Her name strongly suggests mind control: “baby dolls” do not control their movements or environments.

The movie takes place in the slave’s psyche, where dissociation is a defence mechanism to escape the unbearable trauma of abuse. Baby Doll’s background and road to mind control mirrors the story of many real life Monarch slaves: an abusive parent caused multiple traumas at a young age, making her predisposed to dissociation.