It is a mix of many different cultural and ethnic backgrounds and social classes.Los Angeles (or LA as it is most commonly referred to) is home to the nation's top film and television production.On any given day you can probably see TV and movie stars shopping around town or eating in trendy "hot spots." With over 3.5 million people, Los Angeles it is the 2nd largest city in the U. LA is made up of many different areas and neighborhoods, so a car is an absolute must to get around town.

These popular beach areas have some of the city's best hotels.

Air travel in and out of the Westside is an easy 20-30 minute commute from Los Angeles International Airport (LAX).

Plan your entire holiday visiting the LA area, or stop there on the way to your vacation in Hawaii or San Diego.

We will show you over 30 webcams in Los Angeles area and provide with you a guide to the Best Los Angeles Hotels for your visit.

For the best beach destinations in Los Angeles, there is Santa Monica and to the south there is funky Venice Beach.

Santa Monica is well known for its temperate climate and the world-famous Santa Monica Pier.

If you are planning a visit, there are many luxury hotels in Santa Monica to choose from.

If you want to get the down-to-earth experience, you should check out the Hotels in Venice.

Though both of these locations are next to each other, in many ways they are worlds apart.