If I had a choice of how to spend my ideal lunch hour, it’s a no-brainer.Each and every time I’d choose to flirt over lunch with a male superior rather than engage in mindless gossip with the girls over a Pret sandwich.

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I’m easy on the eye — and I use it to my advantage every single day.

Before you roll your eyes in disgust and write me off as a shameless gold digger, little better than a WAG, consider this.

By the age of 30 I had a three-quarter-of-a-million-pound house, a Mercedes convertible (and a Mercedes estate for when I took my dogs out), a walk-in dressing room crammed with clothes that Carrie Bradshaw would be envious of — oh, and I had a generous six-figure salary and a high-ranking position in my chosen industry. While women dominate many of the senior roles; it is men who are the gateway to million pound budgets, to salary hikes, to whether you succeed or not.

Like it or not, the reality is this: they hold the purse strings of the broadcasting industry.

Whether you are working for a guy in London or LA, they are one and the same.

Without realising it, I was just obeying the principles outlined by sociologist Dr Catherine Hakim in her new book called Honey Money: The Power Of Erotic Capital.Serialised in the Mail last week, it’s caused quite a stir with its suggestion that knowing how to use your sexuality is as crucial to success at work as intelligence, skill and professional qualifications.My only surprise is that erotic capital hasn’t been flagged up before as a crucial office asset.After years of being looked over, I was finally being looked at.My confidence grew, along with my flirting skills, my social charms were finessed and, after years of being the wallflower — someone guys confided in rather than chatted up — I was at ease in male company.By the time I arrived in London to go to university, my skills had been honed even further.