The raid came as part of a growing crackdown on Egypt's LGBT community at the time.When the defendants were later acquitted by a Cairo court in January 2015, they still had to face the associated social stigma of being accused of homosexuality.One defendant even attempted suicide after the scandal.

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Iraqi was later sentenced to six months in prison on charges of defamation and spreading lies that destroyed the defendants' reputation.

Ancient, magical spells of love, subjugation and sex: It may sound like a "Game of Thrones" episode, but these evildoings are also found on two recently deciphered papyri from Egypt dating to around 1,700 years ago.

One spell invokes the gods to "burn the heart" of a woman until she loves the spell caster, said Franco Maltomini of the University of Udine in Italy, who translated the two spells.

An Egyptian court has sentenced 11 men accused of being gay to jail terms of between three and 12 years, legal sources said.

The defendants, who were arrested in a flat in the leafy Cairo suburb of Agouza in September last year, were convicted of "debauchery and incitement to debauchery".

The men were allegedly part of a network that offered sexual services for money, acquiring clients through social media, state-owned newspaper announced that locations would be hidden by default for users in countries such as Egypt, Saudi Arabia and Russia, which have a history of prosecuting those from the LGBT community.

Though there are no explicit rules against same-sex relations in Egypt, they remain a strong social taboo.

People are normally charged under laws against debauchery or public indecency.

In December last year, Egyptian TV presenter Mona Iraqi accompanied a police raid on a central Cairo bathhouse.