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----Fling app features:• Meet new people who's online near you.• Post photos on your profile.• Trade private photos.• View popular members & photos.• Search by age, location, online now, etc.• Message & favorite people you like.• Large community of open-minded individuals.• Be discreet & anonymous.• 100% safe & secure! So I just downloaded the fling app n it seems very interesting..however, I received a message but when I go to read it, it says "upgrade my account to view messages".question is, how do I do that??

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"Fling" describes a brief sexual or romantic affair.

The term comes from the manner in which individuals "throw" themselves into such affairs. They are temporary expressions or explorations of attraction between two people. When people romanticize a fling as powerful, deep or fulfilling, they may long to continue that relationship or reconnect.

If the fling results in pregnancy or other serious outcome, it can affect one's life significantly. For teens and adults alike, they may be a sign of sexual awakening or the need for change or independence.

Flings may be an act of rebellion, a sexual experiment, a test of one's own attractiveness or the expression of romantic ideals.

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