I am a proud Canadian of Italian heritage and he will have all these heritages.” When they first met, backstage at a concert in Argentina, she didn’t speak much English and he no Spanish. At the time he was recovering from his break-up with the British actress Emily Blunt, which he once described as the “worst and the greatest thing” that has ever happened to him. We are in a homely suite at the Sunset Marquis, in Los Angeles.It’s a classic rock’n’roll hotel where televisions have definitely been thrown into the swimming pool and late-night tantrums are commonplace. His latest album, To Be Loved, is steeped in cosy contentment. When he met his future wife he continued with his therapist.

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“You are who you hang out with and my wife doesn’t drink and is very healthy,” he says.

“But four years ago I was tiny, so tiny when I went through the break-up.

I was drinking every day, doing nothing, smoking cigarettes and I was really skinny.

Not too long ago he was, he freely admits, “chunky”.

“I look back at pictures of me,” he says, shaking his head, “and I remember seeing the cover of Call Me Irresponsible [his 2007 album] and thinking.

‘Ooh, you’re fat.’” Today, though, he wears a leather jacket that could easily fit a doll, a tiny red T-shirt and the skinniest dark jeans.

When I point out that his ankles are the size of my wrists, he looks pleased. He ate too much, drank too much and loved too many women.

He used to overeat to block out misery and make himself happy. All that changed when the man who sang Haven’t Met You Yet met the Argentinian model/actress Luisana Lopilato in 2009.

They married two years later and are now expecting their first child, a boy, due in July.