The facility’s nursing professionals work closely with patients and their families to help them function better and more independently.

Often the use of physical, occupational, respiratory, and speech therapy will be used to help patients recover from strokes, heart attacks, aneurisms, falls or other acute medical crises.

Full recovery is normally not the goal of short-term care; rather patients look to recuperate enough to seek lower levels of care, like assisted living or in home options.

If a patient’s medical event warrants outpatient rehabilitation, a doctor will be approve a short-term stay.

Proper hospital care can give patients an optimal chance of full recovery.

Honolulu’s best health care service providers, based on a survey of patients’ hospital experiences, are The Queens Medical Center, Straub Clinic and Hospital and Kaiser Foundation Hospital.

Honolulu Oahu nursing homes provide daily health management, evaluation and observation.

Nursing home members seek admittance for a place of residence, medical treatment and custodial care.

Skilled nursing care focuses on restoring or maintaining the patient’s maximum level of health with individual care based on his or her the unique health needs.Depending on the severity of a patient’s needs, whether acute, serious, terminal, chronic or long-term, registered and licensed physicians, nurses, social workers and therapists are there to deliver services and supplies requisite for proper treatment.Honolulu Oahu skilled nursing facilities either administer rehabilitation services, generally known as short-term care, and long-term care that treats serious and chronic conditions.The focus of care varies from facility to facility, and some institutions admit patients for both types of care.Skilled nursing care is used for patients looking to improve their condition or maintain their current level of health.Rehabilitation care is the main concentration of short-term care.