When these two documents have been received, they will be reviewed by the Director of the Office of Learning Services who will complete a list of the accommodations for the new student.

The student will receive a confirmation letter listing the accommodations and provided general information about receiving services from this office.

: There will be ample opportunity for an exchange of information through a deliberative process between the Director and any student requesting accommodations.

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Upon consultation with the Director, students may request additional accommodations that are supported by their documentation.

Students are welcome to contact the Office of Learning Services to request an appointment to discuss their accommodation needs at any time during the process of requesting initial services or throughout their enrollment at Millersville University.

The Director of the Office of Learning Services may ask the student to make an appointment and come into the office to discuss their accommodations.

Students with physical disabilities who have any type of mobility issues and/or are in need of special classroom setups are encouraged to meet with the Director prior to their attendance at Millersville University to discuss possible accommodations and campus accessibility issues.

However, students are welcome to discuss their needs as they arise and can do so by contacting our office at 717-871-5554.

Online courses offer students the ability to complete courses that may be otherwise out of their reach due to distance and disability.Online courses offer flexibility for those woking full time and those whose schedules do not permit day time course offerings.Students who are requesting academic accommodations for online courses must be registered with the Office of Learning Services and provide eligible documentation as noted in the documentation guidelines.For convenience, our Special Accommodation Request Form is available online for easy access and can be downloaded, completed and delivered in person, mailed, e-mailed or faxed to our office.Online accommodations will be considered on an individual basis through collaboration with the student, faculty member and the Director of the Office of Learning Services.The student will receive a confirmation letter by mail when accommodations are confirmed.