To access the electronic service, taxpayers should visit the official website of the Property Tax: on the Administrative Instruction of the Government of Kosovo the Public Debt Forgiveness is being implemented. 05/L-43 – LAW ON PUBLIC DEBT FORGIVENESS Administrative Instruction No. The income from Property tax is needed for infrastructure development in your municipality.04/2015 - PROCEDURES FOR FORGIVENESS OF PUBLIC DEBT The aim of this Administrative Instruction is to give forgiveness for old debts dating from the period before the Kosovo state was created in 2008. Property tax is imposed on all immovable property below or above the land surface.The tax you have to pay is determined by multiplying the taxable value of your property with the applicable tax rate.

Property tax Department recommend the municipalities to use this income only for improving the infrastructure.

If you want to see how your municipality spent and plans to spend income from property tax click here.

Find out Spending on your Municipality here By paying your property tax you participate in the efforts to improve quality of life in your municipality.

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Responsibility for the content rests entirely with Ministry of Finance, Property Tax Department The Ministry of Finance notifies all citizens of the Republic of Kosovo that electronic service for Property Tax “E-bill” starts applying today.

Through this system, taxpayers are able to take the invoice, monitor the situation and pay property tax bill at the nearest point, in PTK or Bank.

Through the use of this electronic service, taxpayers save time and cost and also are able to monitor the situation at any time.

In addition, the bill number UNIREF allows taxpayers to complete the payment through banking system known as; e-banking.